In Payne

Sept 22, 2015
Built A Harryhausen Classic Monster!

Sep 18, 2015
Added some new posters!

Sep 18, 2015
Upgraded Section to New Format!

Sept 5, 2015
Sea Hornet!!

July 4, 2015
New photos of the stash!

June 18, 2015
Aaaand another Luft '46 Model!

June 17, 2015
A US WWII Prototype!

Jun 6, 2015
Added Do335s to my what-if profiles!

May, 2015
Another Luft '46 Model!

Apr 26, 2015
Captain Kirk!!

Apr 11, 2015
Mister Spock!

Apr 2, 2015
What-if F-107!

Mar 15, 2015
Mary Built a Dog grooming Shop!

Mar 14, 2015
Upgraded Section to New Format!

Feb 23, 2015
Upgraded Section to New Format!

Feb 20, 2015
Flying Saucer!

Feb 14, 2015
A Miniscule Falcon!

Feb 9, 2015
Upgraded Section to New Format!

Feb 2, 2015
Jonny Quest's SST!

Dec 7, 2014
The Year in Nikki Pictures
Final Edition :(

Points of Interest:
My My Kitbash Calendar Archive, available for download!
WALLPAPERS of my various kitbashed starships. Feel free to grab some.
A running, updated chronological list of My model output for the last few years.

Sections wherin I show off:
Models, Various and Sundry - My primary hobby and pastime
Mary's Dollhouses - My wife is also nuts and builds little things too!
Graphics portfolio - The creative urge bursts out - UPDATED 12/11.
Star Trek fan fiction - Occasionally, I try to write. God knows I try...
The Charts Page - Reveals interesting facts about unimportant things!
My Film Career - Hey! I've been in movies!
My Dad - My father's war stories, and the fighters he flew.
Family History - Some olden photos from the olden days.
Great Grandpa's Photos - My Great-Grandpa's fascinating 100 year-old photos.
Nikki's page! - Remembering our little girl.
The Mort Tribute! - We miss our little buddy.

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