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3/9/21 - In the car leaving the foster home, wondering what's going on. Ellie, not me.

New home! Still confused. Me too.

Maybe I'll just lay here and chew things.

This seems like a warm place to lay down.


Everybody's pooped.

Well, Mary finally has something to take her mind off not having a puppy.


Keeping Mommy's foot warm while she's on the phone with Pam.

This is your bad ankle, it'd be a shame if somebody...

...laid down on it!

Lap dog.

She'll grow into her crate.

Sure, she's cute when she's not being bratty.

Checking out her Facebook page with Mommy.


Learning to walk on a leash.

You have food! I also like food.

Folded pupper.

She slid down into the cracks, but she seems comfy.


Her warrior name shall be "Ellie the Boneless."

Well, Mary's happy.

Getting her used to riding in the car, because the 2 times time she rode in a car 2 weeks ago she ended up in a different home.

She's worried.

All settled down.

The vet took a picture on her first visit.

3/25 - gotten her last puppy shots, and ready to receive worshippers.

Starting to train her to walk at heel. Everything's new and scary!

She likes to hang out on our laps on the porch.

...also hanging out with Mommy watching sappy movies and doing puzzles.

Even autofocus can't handle the cuteness!




She held still long enough to focus!

She looks innocent, but I know she wants to chew on my hand.

As long as she's comfortable.

And hanging out on the porch again.

Doing well learning to walk at heel.

Yes, in the most inconvenient place possible.

It's empty because you ate it all, in 15 seconds.

Getting big! 14 pounds when we got her, 21 pounds in April


Mary made her a nook under her sewing machine.

Much better than under the chair.

We brought the porch cushions in out of the rain. She likes them.

Where's that snoring sound coming fro-


Golden Slumbers...

Draw me like your French girls, Jack.

My fuzzy baby.

Covering even more tiles. 25 lbs. on 4/21.



First bath 5/7! It wasn't fun for anyone involved.

Chillin' with her squeeky ball.

Her tail is a perfect caligraphy brush!.

Trying to get the neighbor-dog's attention.

Family porch time.

Porch bleb.She's 31 pounds as of 5/19.

Long little doggie! Waiting for Mommy at the store again.

I sense food! Where's the food??

I shall be very happy to help open this (nibble nibble).

Taking up even more of the couch.


She has chosen this chair as her own (which is fine since we never use it).

Watching over the back yard for dangerous bluejays and squirrels.

See? No dangerous bluejays or squirrels.
As of the end of June she's 35 pounds and 34" long!.

Ready to play fetch!

Of course her idea of fetch is to keep the ball herself.

Such a doggie face!

Ya gonna throw the ball or what??

Nope, the ball is mine now.

Watching Wimbeldon! The score is "Puppy/Love."

Aww! Yeah, she just wants my snack.

Spiffy new harness, so maybe she'll behave on her walk.

Doggies in the window.

Yes, she's sleeping with her foot on her head.

Pretty posing.

Mary: "You're going to behave on this walk, right?"
Ellie: "Whatever, Mom."

Bob from across the street running over to say hi.
As of Mid-August, she seems to have stabilized around 40 pounds.

I look cute. Give me treats.


I dunno, man, sometimes I think about life, and... ooh, squirrel!


Us hanging out on the back porch while Ellie...

... watches out for deer and squirrels.

Treats? Please?

I'd just shouted a word she'd never heard before when I figured out a clue to a crossword, and Ellie came running over to see what was wrong. I guess "Skua!" means something urgent in dog.

Guarding the middle of the kitchen floor from falling food.

My dog has too many feet.

Mary got the rolling chair so could move freely around her work room. Then we got a dog.

Seems comfy.


1 year old and still afraid of the garbage truck.

The princess on her throne.

Posing pretty for her 1st birthday.

Boop da snoot.
On her first birthday, Dec 3, 2021, she weighed 44 pounds. Hoping she's done growing.

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