United Earth Ship Perry

A Star Trek spaceship kitbashed from Revell's Perry Rhodan Glador Space Jet.

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The Perry Rhodan donor kit. I needed 2 for the engine parts.
Unpainted. The white bits are Evergreen plastic.
The silver balls abreast of the windshield are deflector beam projectors.
The dorsal shuttlecraft hangar has top-opening doors and houses two shuttles.
Given the primitive state of sensors at the time, many starships had windows.
A ventral view reveals more high-energy laser turrets.
The impulse exhausts are made from the rocket launcher muzzles from a Star Wars Trade Federation tank.
Cenrally located on the underside is a large planetary sensor array.
The grill along the bottom is the bumper from a 30-year-old Lamborghini Marzal model.
Jet engine parts froma 1/48 Tamiya Gloster Meteor, and a wheel.
Breifing room, bridge and capt's cabin made from sheet plastic and Z-Gauge Preiser figures.
The briefing room has pictures of the first USS Perry, the Battle of Lake Erie, and the WWII USS Perry, DD 340.
control screen decal art courtesy of Thomas Sasser.
Alas, scratches were, apparently, unavoidable. No, that's not Ben Sisko.
A hot blonde at the engineering board!
In case you didn't get the joke, the Capt's cabin has a picture of Commodore Perry, and a Rodan poster.

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