Heavy Survey shuttlecraft
USS Soryu, Shuttle Number 12, "Voyager"

The old Aurora model of the vessel from Filmation's "Fantastic Voyage" cartoon series, the Voyager, was recreated in 2007 and released by Moebius Models (see picture 1). Being me, the first thing I noticed was that the hull, minus the wings, was shaped a lot like a Star Trek shuttlecraft.

I filled the area between the dorsal intakes with Aves Apoxy-Sculpt and smoothed them over into a single hump, which I'm calling a sensor fairing. I rebuilt the interior using seats and figures from two of the voyager kits to show a crew of Starfleet science personnel (picture 2). Engine nacelles are simple plastic tube with beads in the fronts, and the wings and pylons are just plastic sheet. The rear engine caps were stolen from the 1/1600 scale Enterprise in the old AMT Spaceship Set model. Some photoetched naval detail served as grills.

Decals are homemade with CorelDRAW and printed on an Alps 5000.

I'm not happy that the airbrushed overcoat of future Floor Polish left a pebbled texture on the windshield that I'd worked so hard to polish smooth. But with my luck, trying to fix it will only create more problems. It's only obvious in extreme closeup, so I'm not going to try it.

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