Artemis and her sisters are large general-purpose exploration cruisers with particular emphasis on small craft capacity. Much of the delta-shaped secondary hull is devoted to shuttlecraft hangar space, mostly to support the exploration and planetary survey missions.

Here we see Artemis and her sister ship Callisto in low Earth orbit passing over the Ionian Sea. In the background is Greece, home of both ships' mythological namesakes.

Time Period: circa ST:II thru VI

Unique to the design are the twin navigational deflectors housed in the shrouded secondary hull. At the outer corners of the shroud can be seen the ship's forward dual torpedo/probe launchers.

Artemis is here outbound from Earth, passing Jupiter and its moon Io.

The very large hangar door accomodates several unusually large survey shuttles carried only by ships with large enough hangar space. The secondary hull is quite significantly larger than that of a Constitution class. To support the exploration mission, enough laboratories are aboard to make any ground-based research facility envious.

Artemis is seen in Saturn space, rendezvousing with USS Peregrine. The smaller, faster frigate will act as escort for a particularly hazardous mission.

Though large and research-oriented, Artemis is as well-armed as any Starfleet heavy cruiser. As too-often happens, the Klingons took exception to Federation presence near a border system, and chose agression rather than treaty. Playing "chicken" with Artemis, a K'Tinga class battlecruiser fired on her shields while making a head-on pass. Artemis' advanced targeting computers laid a phaser beam across the Klingon's path and let him fly right through it.

Given so much room in the secondary hull, Artemis was equipped twin dual-tube torpedo launchers forward and aft. A considerable magazine of various probes feed two of the tubes, while the other two are loaded with standard variable-yield photon torpedoes. The aft launchers flank the hangar door, one deck below it, and can be seen in the above images.

Official Crew Patch

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