Okay, I got REALLY carried away with this one! Two Reliant upper hull halves were used (with spacers) for the forward primary hull. A leftover Enterprise secondary hull was grafted the the ass end of that and a mounting pylon complex for the four Reliant nacelles was fashioned from the pylons of three Reliant kits. The idea was to make the ultimate 4-engine fanboy battlewagon using the rollbars from two Reliants in and over-and-under arrangement.
    I know, I know, "it's too much; Roddenberry would have hated it; the Star Trek universe would never use battlewagons..." Whatever! It was an excercise in personal amusement, to see if I could build such a fanboyish thing and still make it look reasonably practical.
    "Coeur De Lion" is the French term for "Lionheart," as in "Richard the Lionheart." Richard I, king of England (see Robin Hood) was actually born in France, hated England, and never even learned to speak English! He was more likely called by the French term in his own time. And besides, I thought it sounded cooler than just "Lionheart" (and less likely to have been used by someone else!). Just for giggles, I postulate that this ship's first captain got permission to have Richard's Coat of Arms (The Arms of England), a pair of gold lions on a shield of red, painted on the ship.
    I used two sheets of JTGraphics Reliant decal sheets on this one for the detail markings, plus a 5.5"x8.5" sheet of my own for the ship's name and numbers.     I promise the next kitbash will be more sensible. Meanwhile, click on one of the absurd amount of detail photos below to enlarge it.

Aft upper view showing quad nacelle arrangement

Side view

Top view

Front view showing weapons clearance

Aft closeup of impulse engine installation and aft phasers (1 standard dual turret, and 2 pulse cannons)

Forward underside view

Aft underside view

A lovely portrait of the business end

The hangar decks are a bit tricky to approach

The impulse deck and nacelle mounting

Closeup of the bridge showing the Arms of Richard I of England

The Lionheart's Arms are also displayed on the aft upper nacelles

Coeur De Lion's armament is over-and-under symmetrical

Detail of the nacelle pylon fairing, which houses standard and pulse-phaser installations

Detail of the nacelle pylon mounting complex, plasma exhausts, and impulse deflection crystals

Star Trek, Starfleet etc. etc. copyright and trademark Paramount Pictures. These models are works of my imagination, and are posted on this site to share with other fans in a just-for-fun, non-profit fannish spirit in the same way as fan fiction might be. Please don't hurt me.

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