Moebius Station
Star Fleet Deep Space Station
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The spherical midsection houses a vast starship docking bay

The large upper saucer contains living and working space for thousands of personnel

The four satellite saucers service ships and crews with supplies and R&R facilities

Clamshell doors open onto the internal docking bay

The spherical lower section contains the antimatter reactor

The emplacements on the reactor sphere are powerful defensive phasers

Defensive phasers are also located at the base and top of each satellite module...

A busy day ay Moebius Station!

Thru-deck cruiser USS Soryu

Escort USS Cireskull

Dreadnought USS Dominion

Sensor frigate USS Cavalier

Combat cruiser USS Jackill

Tug/Transport USS Copernicus

Hospital ship USS Hope

Heavy cruiser USS Defiance

The station's upper communications array

The main spacedock doors, flanked by small craft landing bays

The base of the stand is from the Moebius 1/32 Flying Sub kit
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Belt: 2 Old AMT Enterprise saucer rims!
kitbashed from GameScience Gaming Miniatures

Scale: 1/3788

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