The USS Val'Walo is kitbashed using (almost) exclusively parts from Bandai's MA-06 Val-Walo Gundam model (see photo 1). Some sheet plastic and putty, and some parts from Ertl's 1/2500 scale Enterprise-D (photo 2), and a couple of Staedtler Text Surfer higlighters (photo 3) and voila! A happy side effect of the Gundam kit's snap-together nature allowed me to make the ship's saucer seperable, as seen in the 2nd-to-last image. The final model is 1/1400 scale, and the last photo shows it in the company of the original Enterprise and the 1701-D to show it's "actual" size to scale.

Star Trek, Starfleet etc. etc. copyright and trademark Paramount Pictures. These models are works of my imagination, and are posted on this site to share with other fans in a just-for-fun, non-profit fannish spirit in the same way as fan fiction might be. Please don't hurt me.

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