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Can you not see, all around you, the Dragon's breath?
Jayco Hobbies' 1/6 resin kit of Nichole Williamson as Merlin, from the film Excalibur

Conan the Barbarian
1/5 Scale Cold-Cast Porcelain from Needful Things

"The Slayer"
A 1/6 scale pressure-cast resin Conan diorama kit by Alternative Images, sculpt by Sam Greenwell.
I added some grass and railroad dirt to the base, and sculpted a new sword blade out of sheet plastic to replace the awkward-looking kit blade.

"NEXT!" - A Conan the Barbarian scene sculpted by Shawn Nagle..
1/8 Scale Resin.

"Stuck on You"
1/6 Scale Resin kit from Menagrie Productions

Tarzan and Silverback
1/5 Scale Resin kit from Amazing Figure Modeler - 15" tall

The classic 60s Aurora kit from a 1975 release, with some missing parts replaced with resin copies from "Auroranut."

"Lucky Star"
A 1/6 scale kit of Ripley From A L I E N, by Kobioshi Kits

"Maria" (Ultima Futura Automaton)
From Fritz Lang's "Metropolis"

Hollow-cast resin kit sold thru Amazing Figure Modeler Magazine

Robot B9 from "Lost in Space"
Polar Lights' repop of the classic Aurora model

Frank and Dessie's Wedding
Well, my pal Frank has a full-sized B9 Robot in his living room, and Dessie married him anyway! What better wedding present for such a couple than this?
I built the Robot, and my wife did the rest.

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