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    During WWII, Germany experimented with many very advanced concepts in jet and rocket-powered aircraft. Only a very few projects made it past the concept stage, and only a few of those were built even as mockups. This has become one of my favorite modeling subjects. Aside from their exotic appearances, it's fun to come up with conjectural operational color schemes for them.
    For more info on German paper projects, check out Dan Johnson's Luft '46 website.

Arado Ar555 "Amerika bomber" Project
Revell of Germany's fine 1/72 Scale kit of a proposed flying wing design that could reach New York from Germany with a respectable bomb load - including an A-bomb, perhaps?.

Arado E580 Volksjaeger
Planet Models' 1/72 scale resin kit of Arado's entry into the "Peoples' fighter" design competition.
In conjectural markings for II Gruppe/JG27, North Africa.

Arado E583
Planet Models' 1/72 scale resin kit of Arado's massive jet night fighter.
In conjectural markings3:09 PM 1/20/2013.

Blohm und Voss P.193.01
A proposed advanced dive bomber to replace the seriously obsolete Stuka.
Planet Models 1/72, in spurious desert camo.

Blohm und Voss P.194 Schlachtfleugzeug
A concept for a mixed-power, assymetric ground attack aircraft.
Revell of Germany 1/72 kit. RLM 02/71/65 camo, with kit decals. Nice to build a Luft 46 subject put out in styrene by a major manufacturer. A very nice model kit.

Blohm und Voss P.196.01 Schlachtfleugzeug
A concept for a jet-powered ground attack aircraft.
Planet models 1/72 kit. I tried an experimantal "Russian Spring" camo on this one - 02 gray and dark green splinter with white "melting snow" patches

Blohm und Voss P.208/3 Fighter Project
A pusher-engined tailless fighter design.
Fliegerhorst 1/48 kit in conjectural markings for 9./JG54 in defense of the Reich. Since the design called for the engine to exhaust through wingroot openings, I left off the single fuselage-side exhaust stacks and sealed over the opening.

Blohm und Voss P.212.03 Jet Fighter Project
One of my favorites, a very cool tailless jet design.
Special Hobby's 1/72 kit as it may have appeared in the markings of 8/JG54

Blohm und Voss AE. 607/P.217 Jet Fighter Project
Curiouser and curiouser! A near-delta flying wing with canards. Or whiskers.
R/S Models 1/72 resin kit as it may have appeared in desert service.

Daimler-Benz Project "B" Parasite Bomber
The lower component of DB's massive intercontinental bomber carrier aircraft.
Part of Anigrand Craftswork's 1/144 resin kit of the whole Project B system.

DFS 228 Hohenaufklarer
A rocket-powered high altitude reconaissance aircraft.
This design actually made it to prototype, and was test flown.
Huma Models 1/72 Scale.

Focke Wulf 3x1000 Entwurf B
FW's second proposal to meet a RLM requirement for a jet bomber to carry 1000kg of bombs 1000 kilometers at 1000 kilometers per hour.
Planet Models resin 1/72 Scale.

Focke Wulf Entwurf II
Jet fighter project of 1943
Planet Models resin 1/72 Scale. Kit and various other decals.

Focke Wulf Entwurf III
A development of the Ta-183 planform using a Heinkel He S 011 powerplant. Markings inspired by JG54's nice green 190s in Russia.
Planet Models resin 1/72 Scale. Aeromaster decals.

Focke Wulf "Flitzer" Jet Fighter
A wooden mockup of the this promising design had been completed before war's end, and its influence can be seen on British post-war jets such as the DH Vampire.
Planet Models resin 1/72 Scale in JG 27 markings. I have a thing for the desert scheme, apparently.

Focke Wulf "Triebflugel" (Thrustwing) VTOL Interceptor
A concept that a test pilot would only come near under life-threatening orders from a Nazi regime.
Huma, 1/72 Scale.

Focke Wulf Ta 183 "Huckebein" Jet Fighter
FW's jet fighter project that also was very close to fruition at war's end. Its design heavily influenced Russia's MiG-15.
Seen here in 1/JG1 in Reich defense markings.
Pioneer Models, 172 Scale.

Focke Wulf Ta 183A-1 "Huckebein" Jet Fighter
A newer, better kit by new company AMtech in 1/48 Scale, with new research by Dan Johnson.
As it would appear in JG2's markings.

Focke Wulf Ta 183B-1 "Huckebein" Jet Fighter
The AMtech kit's second version in conjectural Kriegsmarine markings.
Major markings are Gekko Graphics decals.
The unit badge for the fictional "Sea Ravens" Geschwader, I made up myself.

Focke Wulf Ta 283 Ramjet Interceptor
Bizarre design for a rocket-assisted-takeoff ramjet interceptor.
As it would appear in JG7's markings.
Huma, 1/72 Scale.

Gotha P.60C Night Fighter
Intriguing proposal with over-and-under jet engines.
Planet Models resin, 1/72 Scale.

Heinkel He162D Jet Fighter
Unbuilt variant of the actually-built He162 Volksjager, with forward-swept wings and V-tail.
Dragon Models, 1/48 Scale.

Heinkel P.1078 Jet Fighter
Heinkel's entry into the Emergency Fighter Competition, shown in JG7's markings.
Special Hobby, 1/72 Scale.

Heinkel P.1079A Night Fighter
One of the most modern-looking designs of the 1940s, it sported features that jet fighters would continue to use for 20 years.
Planet Models resin, 1/72 Scale.

Heinkel P.1079B Night Fighter
A much smaller concept considered under Projekt # 1079.
Planet Models resin, 1/72 Scale.

Horten Rocket Wing
A boomerang-shaped flying wing projekt from the Horten brothers with rocket engines in the wingtips.
Fantastic Plastic 1/72 scale resin kit.

Horten Ho 229 Flying Wing Fighter
This is an iffy entry for Paper Projects - the Ho229 Fying Wing project actually produced a flying prototype, but never went beyond a few test flights.
Revell/Germany 1/72 scale kit.

Horten 229B Night Fighter
This night fighter version of the 229 flying wing was never built.
Note that it would have been a stealthy (being plywood), radar-equipped aircraft with ejection seats and air-to-air guided missiles, in 1945!
DML (Dragon Models) 1/48 scale kit.

Henschel Hs 132a Dive Bomber
A proposed jet dive bomber using a prone pilot couch to help reduce G-strain on the pilot during pull-up. A mockup or prototype of this plane was built, but little information remians beyond a photo or two.
Huma Models 1/72 kit.

Henschel P.75
Proposal for a canard-layout pusher-fighter. Interstingly, the design turned up 50 years later in Rutan's Vari-EZ private plane.
Alliance Models resin. 1/72.

Henschel P.87 Schnell bomber Project
Another canard from Henschel, this one proposaing a high speed bomber.
Planet Models resin. 1/72.

Junkers EF-128 Jet fighter
One of the more promising tailless jet designs.
"Snake" camoflouge designed by Daniele Sabatini for Dan Johnson's monograph on the plane.

Messerschmitt Me-109Z "Zwilling" Night Fighter
One prototype was built of the "Siamese Twin" 109 as a proposal for a new heavy fighter using existing tooling. It was destroyed in a bombing raid, and never flew. Here, I imagine what it may have looked like if the plan had been successful and the line continued through a late-war night fighter variant.
Two Hobbycraft 109G-2s married to a Cutting Edge resin conversion wing, and radar parts from DML's Ju-88 series.

Messerschmitt Me-262HG3 Night Fighter
A refinement of the Me-262 jet fighter with more streamlining and buried engines, and a radar in the nose.
Special Hobby, 1/72 Scale.

Messerschmitt Me-263A-1 Rocket Interceptor
A proposed advanced replacement for the Me-163 Komet, built only as a prototype.
As it may have appeared in the markings og 2./JG400.
Czech Models, 1/48.

Messeschmitt Me-329 Zerstorer Projekt
A proposal to replace the lackluster Me-210 twin-engined heavy fighter. This unusual pusher arrangement had a large bomb bay and a remote controlled tail turret.
Planet Models, 1/72 Scale. Decals borrowed from an Me-410 of 7./SG 152, a Schlactgruppe (ground attack unit).

Messeschmitt Me-509 fighter Projekt
A development of the Me-309 with a mid-engine, forward-cockpit arrangement.
Trumpeter, 1/48 scale plastic kit.

Messerschmitt P.08.01 (Jet Variant)
Planned long-range 4-engine bomber. I eliminated the pusher propellors to see what a jet-engined version would look likr.
Anagrand resin, 1/144.

Messerschmitt P.1099
Proposal for an all-weather or long range fighter based upon components of the Me-262.
Revell of Germany, 1/72 Scale.

Messerschmitt P.1101
Probably the airplane closest to getting in the air at the end of the war, a mockup had been built but never flown. The Bell X-5 experimental swing-wing plane was a direct lift of this design.
DML, 1/72 Scale kit.

Messerschmitt P.1101 Night Fighter
The 1101 as it may have appeared as a night fighter with X-4 air-to-air missiles.
DML, 1/72 Scale kit, showing the alternate T-tail design.

Messerschmitt P.1106 Jet fighter
One of the more radical designs that nevertheless found its way into production Russian jet fighters, such as the Yak-17 after the war.
Huma Models 1/72 Scale Kit.

Messerschmitt P.1110/II
A remarkably modern jet fighter designed in 1944, with features that would be used in jets for the next two decades.
Planet Models, 1/72 Scale.

Messerschmitt P.1111
January 1945 design for a tailless jet fighter with a lotta wing.
PM Models of turkey, 1/72 Scale.

Mistel 5
An interesting proposal to use an He-162 to guide a really frickin' huge powered bomb to targets such as bridges and battleships.
DML 1/72 Scale.

Rheinmetal-Borsig VTOL
Utterly bizzarre concept for a vertical takeoff interceptor
Fantastic Plastic 1/72 resin kit.

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