Explanation: My grandmother once took a phone message from our friend Kevin, and totally misheard his name as "August Tibbet". We all thought that sounded like a great name for a cheap private eye. Thus was born August Tibbet, Private Dick! Mary decided it would be fun to create a dollhouse scale (1/12) room-box depicting what August Tibbet's office would look like. While she built the shadowbox, the portrait doll of Kevin, in-joke nicknacks and the furniture, I set about using my model-building skilz to create some of his detective equipment. The finished piece is about a foot wide. It looks like it's stuck in the 80s because we built it around 1990.

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Replicas of my actual Sony TV and my 1980s vintage Canon portable VHS deck. Mary made the TV stand and sloppy T-shirt. I made the tapes and covers, with titles based on super-8 home movies our friends made.

In an uncharacteristic fit of energy, I chose to depict the tape deck open, showing the spindles and guides inside.

The lid of the deck is clear plastic.

Properly connected with coax.

VHS cassettes, with clear windows and tape inside, all about a half inch long.

Our mascot, Noddy the Tailless Bear (La!), cleans Tibbet's .45 for him

I made the gun out of layers of Evergreen plastic sheet

No, it doesn't fit back together, but the magazine did fit into the handle - until I painted it.

Every detective needs to record conversations - and listen to show tunes. Walkman and tape made from plastic sheet.

Tibbet's collection of genre novels to kill time between cases. Each book is based on an idea for a movie our groups of friends has had.