"Happier Days on the Nostromo"

Kobioshi Kits' rendering of Sigourney Weaver as Ripley in the film "ALIEN"

The intent of the kit was to show her after defeating the guy in the lizard suit at the end of the film, as she removes her pure white spacesuit to reveal her pure white undies. I felt the need to be more colorful than that. So I decided to depict her in an earlier, happier time, unsuiting after a random EVA in one of their gunky old spacesuits. And, surely, she didn't only have white panties in her wardrobe!

I built up some folds inside the suit with Aves Apoxy-Sculpt to help hide the places where her limbs meet the suit - there were some gaps.
The flowers on the panties, and the name tag, are home made decals printed on an Alps 5000 printer.

Completed November, 23 2004

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Sure was cold on the ship that day, eh?