A fanciful Steampunk ornithopter kit.
Built mostly from the box, plus a scratchbuilt gatling gun.
Finish is Testors ModelMaster Metalizer "gunmetal", with MM Brass highlights

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Detail closeups:

Tiny figures are not my forté, but I do my best. The wheels on the wing "shoulders" are from my scrapbox.

A lesser paint job then the etched brass instrument panel deserved. I added the throttles from a P-39.

Etched brass data plate adds a nice touch! The stick is omitted because it's in the pilot's hands.

Rich Corinthian Leather seat! British Crimson dry-brushed with red.
Victorian Air Power
In Action!

A Hornethopter lights up the night with its gatling gun!

A Hornethopter swarm attacks a supply train!

A Hornethopter pulls up after fatally holing the locomotive's boiler
Background images on B&W pictures are screen grabs from "The Great Train Robbery" (MGM 1978)