Welcome to Mary's Dollhouse Nook!

I'm not the only miniature nut in the house. Our basement room is lined with Mary's particular hobby, dollhouse miniatures. Her interest is mainly in the furniture. She scratch-builds everything from basswood, using photographs or drawings from books and old catalogs as a guide. Fixtures and knobs are selected from her drawers full of thousands of scraps of cheap jewelry bought at flea markets. She makes pottery, her dolls' heads, and all the food in her kitchens and the fully stocked bakeshop, from Sculpy or Fimo brand clay!

At first she bought dollhouse kits as repositories for her furniture. Soon she decided it was cheaper to design and build her own houses out of foamcore, since her main interest is the furniture. Her favorite period is late Victorian, but she'll also build anything that looks interesting.

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This is our basement, home of the Dollhouse nook

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The Dollhouses

The Room Boxes

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