Room Boxes and
One-Room Stores:

Craftsman Bedroom


Country Style Bedroom

Ballard Catalog Bedroom

Child's Bedroom

Craftsman Living Room


Wood Kitchen

Bathroom from Magazine

Bedroom from Magazine

Country Kitchen

Girl's Bedroom

Country Bedroom

The Toy Shop

Bedroom Full of Dolls

The Bake Shop!

Soutwestern Kitchen

Morgana's Castle Room

Merlin's Castle Room


IKEA Bedroom

Brass Bedroom

Kitchen from Magazine

Spanish Style Bedroom

Simple Bedroom

Victorian Perfume Shop

Victorian Millinery Shop

Victorian Candy Store

Victorian Dress Shop

Victorian Flower Shop

Victorian Photo Studio

Victorian Book Shoppe

Italian Bakery

Victorian Green-Grocery

Victorian Apothecary Shop

Art Supply Store

Italian Deli!

Cheese Shop!

Tea Shop!

A Yarn Shop!

The Hoboken Pantry

A Root Cellar

A Barber Shop

Severus Snapes' Classroom

Dianne's Dog Grooming

Honeyduke's Sweet Shop

Jack's Toy Store

Woman's Bedroom with Bath

Carole's Curiosities

Christable's Perfumes

Ye olde Potions Shoppe

Antoinette's Boutique

A Greenhouse

A Bedroom

Gladys' Puzzles and Games

Mary's China Shoppe

Anna's Kitchenware Shoppe

Pete & Phil's Harware

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